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User Needs

PressUp Group plays host to dozens of live music acts each week. As such they have become a staple to the local music scene. They want to add some structure to gig planning, while providing a place for musicians to get recognised. They imagine an… Read More

Week 9: Client Feedback & UX User Testing

In this week’s class, I was able to get some client feedback. Here were several issues raised after presenting my initial prototype: Checkout / Order page had too many headers that were visually contending for attention (cognitive overload). I need to better differentiate the order… Read More

Week 6: Mapping Empathy

In this week’s session, we developed the following based on our tutor, Martin: • 1 User Persona• Conduct User Interview & User Task: Order food on Apache website• Identify pain points and issues with site from user interview / task• User Stories based on Persona•… Read More

UX Research: User Interview & Test: ASOS

“Although functionality is still the top priority, now digital products are also required to be user-friendly and visually appealing.In this context, UX (user experience) testing is a cornerstone of the product’s lifecycle.” Brooke, Sophia (2018) The Essential Toolbox of UX Testing Methods UX design and… Read More

Just Eat App

Being a person who frequently orders takeaway, I find myself using takeaway apps 1-3 times a week. The three most popular food delivery apps in Dublin are Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, the former two of which I use. In this post I would… Read More