Nepenthe for a Broken Heart

A collaboration with writer, Reilly Phanes, Nepenthe for a Broken Heart illustrates journal entries, honouring an emotional landscape that is at once exquisite and universal in its humanity.

Reilly is a free spirit with a bohemian attitude towards life. He loves travelling, reading and laughing, A LOT. He journals to process the experiences he encounters in his life; the things that spill over; the scary emotions; authentic living and the questions that remain.

27 June 2010
27 June 2010
JUNE 27 2010_1
JUNE 27 2010_2

2 July 2010
2 July 2010
JULY 2 2010

15 Jan 2008
15 Jan 2008
15 JANUARY 2008

Letter to W.D.
Letter to W.D._1

Nepenthe For A Broken Heart, 2011
70 x 50cm each
Ink and Gouache on Paper

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